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Papers (2000-2010)

QUESADA et al. 2010. Variations in chemical and physical properties of Amazon forest soils in relation to their genesis. Biogeosciences 7:1515-1541.

LLOYD et al. 2010. Optimisation of photosynthetic carbon gain and within-canopy gradients of associated foliar traits for Amazon forest trees. Biogeosciences 7:1833-1859.

COLETTA et al. 2009. Isotopic view of vegetation and carbon and nitrogen cycles in a cerrado ecosystem, southeastern Brazil. Scientia Agrícola 66:467-475.

CRAINE et al. 2009. Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availability. New Phytologist 183:980-992.

PHYLLAS et al. 2009. Basin-wide variations in foliar properties of Amazonian forest: phylogeny, soils and climate. Biogeosciences 6: 2677-2708.

MARDEGAN et al. 2009. Nitrogen availability patterns in white-sand vegetations of Central Brazilian Amazon. Trees 23: 479-488.

SIDDIQUE et al. 2008. Dominance of legume trees alters nutrient relations in mixed species forest restoration plantings within seven years. Biogeochemistry 88: 89-101.

NARDOTO et al. 2008. Understanding the Influences of Spatial Patterns on N Availability Within the Brazilian Amazon Forest. Ecosystems 11: 1234-1246.

DAVIDSON et al. 2007. Recuperation of nitrogen cycling in Amazonian forests following agricultural abandonment. Nature 447:995-998.

BUSTAMANTE et al. 2006. Nitrogen cycling in tropical and temperate savannas. Biogeochemistry 79:209-237.

NARDOTO et al. 2006. Nutrient use efficiency at ecosystem and species level in savanna areas of Central Brazil and impacts of fire. Journal of Tropical Ecology 122:191-201.

OMETTO et al. 2006. The stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition of vegetation in tropical forests of the Amazon Basin, Brazil. Biogeochemistry 79:251-274.

NARDOTO et al. 2006. Documenting Geographical Patterns of Human Diet Through Stable Isotope Analysis of Fingernails. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 131:137-146.

NARDOTO et al. 2006. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic fractionation between diet and swine tissues. Scientia Agricola 63:579-582.

ASNER et al. 2004. Pasture Degradation in the Central Amazon: Linking Changes in Carbon and Nutrient Cycling with Remote Sensing. Global Change Biology 10:844-862.

NARDOTO et al. 2003. Effects of fire on soil N dynamics and microbial biomass in savannas of Central Brazil (Cerrado). Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 38:955-962.

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