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We are an integrative research group that uses stable isotopes as a central tool in basic ecological studies (from population to ecosystem levels), but especially that applies this knowledge on environmental assessment and forensic science combining isoscapes with genetics, chemistry, big data, remote sensing and modeling in our research initiatives.


We are committed to providing high-quality research on stable isotope data interpretation to further knowledge in the environmental sciences for the Neotropics.

Latest Articles

Tiro Forest Aerial


By analyzing 6,480 tree leaf samples from 57 sites within Brazilian biomes, the authors considered whether vegetation types in terrestrial ecosystems reflect biogeochemical diversity and whether they fit into a leaf economics spectrum (LES). The results reinforce earlier findings that life diversity in the tropics reflects biogeochemistry diversity and leaf δ15N opens the possibility for investigating plant trade-offs dictated by the LES. 


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The 12th International Conference on the Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies will be held in the beautiful town of Gaming, Austria, from June 20-26 , 2021.

InterForensics is the largest forensic conference in Latin America. In 2021, we will meet in Curitiba / PR to hold another event where the most relevant and current topics in the field of Forensic Sciences will be discussed.

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