A reference point of research with multiple stable isotopes 

We are an integrative research group that uses stable isotopes as a central tool in basic ecological studies (from population to ecosystem levels), but especially that applies this knowledge on environmental assessment and forensic science combining isoscapes with genetics, chemistry, big data, remote sensing and modeling in our research initiatives.


We are committed to providing high-quality research on stable isotope data interpretation to further knowledge in the environmental sciences for the Neotropics.

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The objective of this study was to evaluate how top-down and bottom-up factors act on the biofilm and whether algal biomass determines the isotopic fractionation of δ13C in headwaters of Central Brazil. Our study provides evidence that biofilm biomass increases as a result of changes in bottom-up controls. Top-down control significantly reduced biofilm in the food web based on autochthonous organic matter


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The magazine SUPER INTERESSANTE published in January 2021, in the column "Mulher Cientista", the interview by Brazilian researcher Gabriela Nardoto, emphasizing her work with stable isotopes in the human diet - a study that can help in forensic science.

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